It’s been an amazing couple of years for AWM.
We continue to stride with excitement, momentum and growth in the Retail and Technology space.


AWM Introduces Activity Based Inference as part of its Cashierless Checkout Solution to Significantly Drive Down Costs

Adroit Worldwide Media, Inc. (“AWM”), a global leader in cashierless and frictionless environments, introduces proprietary Activity-Based Inference (ABI) to its solutions. ABI is a new set of AI optimizations resulting in a major cost reduction for AWM Frictionless™ shopping and retail analytics.

AWM CEO Kevin Howard will be part of Dell Technologies' Big Ideas Session on January 17th at NRF.

With a lens on the future, retailers are reimagining stores for the digital age—using technology to create new experiences from product discovery to checkout. But just what will this new shopping experience look like?

AWM is proud to be part of Nourish markets new autonomous shop located in Delaware.

Click the link to see a video of the new Nourish Markets store in action.

ADNOC Distribution Launches Next Generation Retail Experience

ADNOC Distribution, the UAE’s largest fuel convenience retailer, is the first fuel retailer in the Middle East to launch the next generation retail experience, a fully autonomous and contactless and cashier-less ADNOC Oasis store. It offers AWM’s state-of-the-art cashless and contactless payment system, and its AI technology enhanced shopping environment.

Chain Store Age Features AWM Frictionless™ Powered Micromarket

The first store of its type in the Southern California market, QuickEats Convenience uses AWM Frictionless™ to provide a fully automated, cashierless, self-guided shopping experience. The technology uses deep learning algorithms and high-definition cameras throughout the store to track customers and the products they interact with.

AWM Featured by Microsoft as a Partner Supporting the Retail Industry with Innovative Tech

AWM is powering the future of autonomous shopping with AWM Frictionless™, a Microsoft Azure-based solution that provides a seamless shopping experience by allowing consumers to shop as normal and check out by simply walking out of the store. Other Azure-powered AWM solutions have been deployed across the world for scenarios such as demographic reporting, inventory tracking, and more.

Datalogic Invests in AWM, an AI and CV Company, Leading in Store Automation and Smart Store Technology

Since Datalogic is a dominant player in the retail market, this investment aims at keeping up with emerging trends in the fields mentioned above. “AWM is led by a highly qualified team who has developed a unique and proprietary software suite to address the growing customer need for touchless solutions and in-store analytics,” said Nicola Tedesco, Head of M&A ad Business Development at Datalogic.

AWM Frictionless™ Featured as a Leader in Cashierless Checkout

The technologies enabling the retail store of tomorrow will create completely different shopping experiences that keep customers shopping in-store instead of online. To that end, AWM created a seamless shopping experience using A.I., Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. AWM Frictionless™ is a walk-in, walk-out solution that enables customers to shop as normal and checkout by simply exiting the store.

AWM Launches Southern California’s First Autonomous Micromarket

Powered by AWM Frictionless™, QuickEats close convenience is a completely cashierless shopping experience in Santa Ana’s Nineteen01 community. The lightweight and low contact technology enables shoppers to shop as normal and check out by simply walking out of the store. Upon leaving the store, deep learning algorithms based on product and positioning data charge customers for items they take through their digital wallet.

AWM announces Partnership with OptiCrib

Leveraging AWM’s Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®) and AWM Frictionless™ technologies, OptiCrib revolutionizes storeroom management, powering seamless and friction-free inventory management within the industrial and commercial supply space. OptiCrib currently has a micro-store built in their headquarter offices, with plans to install 200+ fully-automated storerooms at client locations in 2020.

AWM Showcases AWM Frictionless™ on Microsoft Azure at Retail’s Big Show

AWM partners with Microsoft to enable intelligent retail with their autonomous shopping solution. From a technology standpoint, the PaaS and IaaS pieces of Microsoft Azure are heavily utilized to provide a reliable and scalable platform. AWM has already deployed its AWM Frictionless™ technology for several multi-billion-dollar organizations in the US and Mexico, with hundreds of locations expected to come online in 2020.

Retailers Hope In-Store Tech Will Keep Shoppers in Stores

"AWM is one of a number of startups trying to help traditional retailers improve their stores with technology. The California-based company sells technology systems for self-serve stores without cashiers, in the same vein as Amazon Go."

AWM Raised $10M for its Frictionless Shopping and Smart Displays

There are so many companies doing cashierless checkout now, to stand out any more, you almost need a hook. The Spoon dives into what sets our cashierless checkout application apart from the competition, and dives into our overall implementation.

RTIH Q&A: Kevin Howard, CEO, AWM

AWM is tapping AI and deep learning to re-imagine the online experience for the in-store marketplace. “There are not many companies out there helping retailers with the transition – and nobody offers what we do and how we do it,” CEO Kevin Howard tells RTIH.

AWM featured in February issue of Adweek

Kevin Howard, CEO, talks current capabilities and exciting future plans that have AWM continuing to push the needle in Retail Technology.

Executive Interview: Kurtis Van Horn, Co-Founder & SVP, AWM

Kurtis Van Horn sits down with The Wise Marketer’s Mike Giambattista to talk about our in-store technology and fascinating AI-powered retail enhancements coming in the very near future.

What Grocery Retail Will Look Like in 2030

David Marcotte, SVP of Kantar Consulting, and Carl Boutet, Retail Strategist, in partnership with the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council present the future of grocery retailing at NRF 2019. The two dive into the digitally-enabled shopper, automation, and what investments will drive profitability with AWM identified as a key retail technology solution provider.

AWM featured on CNBC’s Closing Bell

CNBC retail correspondent, Courtney Reagan, reports on technology showcased in NRF 2019’s Innovation Lab.

AWM Launches Next-Generation LED Shelf-Edge Displays

The new generation of LED’s boast a more than 2.5x increase in resolution, reduced height of 1.5 inches, and come seamless across the shelf width.

Fox Business features AWM’s new Frictionless Shopping Application at NRF 2019

Live coverage from retail’s Big Show showcasing AWM Frictionless™. Co-Founder, Kurtis Van Horn, explains how AWM’s new application utilizes facial recognition technology to make it easier for consumers to shop.

AWM CEO Weighs in on Company Cybersecurity

Kevin Howard, AWM CEO and Forbes Technology Council Member, shares the key to employee compliance regarding cybersecurity.

AWM Welcomes Mihir Patel as Vice President of Data Technology

Mr. Patel’s is overseeing AWM’s data science team and is working hand in hand with the entire software development team. He will utilize his skills and certifications to ensure AWM’s real-time Data Capture Engine is the foremost in the industry.

AWM Adds Leo Tsourides to Oversee Artificial Intelligence Efforts

Leo is an Artificial Intelligence expert and Vision scientist who studied computational and human vision at MIT and later moved to Caltech to focus his PhD in Neuromorphic computation.

Aisle-Topper LED Ribbons for Hershey in Big Box Retailing

The company is not just a display provider. It’s solution set includes proximity sensing for triggered content, video pattern detection and AI-based on-the-shelf inventory level monitoring and planogram compliance.

Gartner Features 9 Cool Vendors Serving Retail

AWM provides digital shelf-edge displays plus on-shelf inventory tracking, shopper data (such as computer-vision-based demographics and dwell time), and operational efficiency improvements.

San Diego's VC-Ready 'Cool Companies'

Some of the Fastest-Growing, Most Exciting Startups in Southern California.

The making of an intelligent store

Hershey’s AWM Smart Shelf uses smart shelves that benefit both the buyer and seller.

Smart Shelf Solutions

Smart shelves are changing the way retailers interact with customers.

NRF 2018 Review

AWM recognises if a customer is within a certian distance shelving will display pricing, whereas if they are at a further distance promotional materials are displayed.

4 innovations startups

AWM named one of four new innovative start ups.

AWM Smart Shelf Solution

Facial Recognition - Distance Detection - Real Time Adaptation.

Retail innovation: smart shelves enable dynamic pricing

AWM has technology that will grab shoppers attention, keep track of inventory and allow for fast restocking, and also have face recognition that will analyze shoppers demographics (age, gender, enthnicity).

AWM Smart Shelf Solution

"Incredible response from NRF 2018."
-Kurtis Van Horn, Jr.

Digital Signage Best Practices Guide

AWM creates customized product descriptions, pricing and promotions using a innovative LED display system.

Future of Shopping

Smart Shelves create a custom shopping experience for the repeat customer.

Four Retail Tech Trends From the 2018 NRF Show

AWM's Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®) has made restocking 25-30% more effcient. Facial recognition cameras can change the diplayed content depending on the demographics.

2018 NRF: Hershey uses intel based AWM SMART SHELF

Hershey's has implemented AWM SMART SHELF. Smart Shelf technology uses inventory data and shopper statistics retailers will always be able to meet the needs of every customer.

Welcome to the Future of Retail, Where the Store Responds to You

Keep track of shrinking inventory and shopper statistics with Smart Shelf technology.

NRF 2018: Intel booth demo fact sheet

Hershey's wants to benifit both buyer and seller by using AWM technology.

LED Display in the Milk Aisle

Arizona Milk is using AWM SMART SHELF to draw customers in and track their shopping patterns.

Future technologies impacting retail

AWM SMART SHELF is being used to display personalised images and promotions to repeat shoppers it identifies.

NRF Review

Walmart is using AWM's facial recognition technology.

Increase Sales with Intelligent Shelving by Intel

"Retailers and brands can increase operational effciencies, create intimate customer experiences, and generate new revenue streams"

DSE 2017

AWM demostrates its smart shelfs and explains the technology in it.

FOX Business 2017

"How consumers purchase in stores is drastically different from online, said Kevin Howard, CEO of Adroit Worldwide Media Inc."

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AWM at NRF 2020: Featured in three booths at Retail’s Big Show, Jan 12-14

The AWM team put in some incredibly hard work making this our most successful show to date. We were ecstatic to welcome two of our partners Macondo Vision, Inc and OptiCrib to our booth this year. We were honored to not only have our own booth, but be included in both Microsoft and AT&T’s as well. Check out our photos from the show!

AWM at NRF 2019: Featured in the Innovation Lab at Retail’s Big Show, Jan 13-15.

The AWM team traveled to New York to speak with brand and retailer industry leaders across the globe. Check out our photos from the show!

AWM Wins First Runner-Up for Best Tech Startup at Timmy Awards!

Out of over 100 startup tech companies, AWM was recognized as one of the top 2 at the 4th Annual Timmy Awards hosted by Tech in Motion. The event took place at the Irvine Improv Comedy Club and honored the best and brightest in tech. Our team had an awesome time celebrating the award!

AWM at the 2018 Enactus World Cup in San Jose, October 9-11

Every year a group of student, business, and academic leaders from around the globe meet at Enactus World Cup to showcase entrepreneurial action to create a better future. This year, AWM was one of the select few companies to exhibit at the event. Check out our photos here!

AWM will be Showcasing a Booth at Shop.Org Sep. 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV. gathers the best and brightest in Strategic Planning, Ecommerce, Marketing, Merchandising, IT, User Experience, operations and Data Analytics, helping them discover ways to effectively drive revenue and ROI growth for their organizations. Visit at Booth # IL31! For more information visit

AWM at the 2018 WPP Global Retail Forum, June 7-8

The WPP Forum took place in Beverly Hills, Ca, and brought together the collective retail capabilities of one of the world's largest marketing services groups to facilitate innovative thinking and expertise to support WPP agencies and their clients. Check out some photos from the event.

AWM at NRF 2018: Retail's Big Show, Jan. 14-16.

What an amazing experience for our team to represent AWM at NRF. Check out our photos from the event!